mixology is an art

Do you recall the film “The Story of a Murderer” by Tom Tykwer? The lead Jean-Baptiste attempted to create the perfect concoction for the ultimate new fragrance that would have conquered the world. MEME COCKTAILS is perfection; or in other words, research and development to constantly improve its service and cocktails. The name itself is not without meaning, but is inspired by memetics, the concept of evolution [through genes]. We use glass jars with a screw cap, a sophisticated but fun choice that recalls the freshness of traditional jams, and represents practicality during a buffet without compromising on style.
What distinguishes us is our passion; our desire to tell you about our product MEME COCKTAILS will transport you into a world of flavours and fragrances through cocktails that are ever evolving thanks to the use of selected premium quality ingredients, completely made in Italy and organic, for a unique sensorial journey. And the best thing is that we can do all of this directly at your home!