ME.ME COCKTAILS is me, Chiara Cantini, an expert in hospitality and naturally curious. I have been lucky enough in life to have travelled extensively and to have seen places both similar to and different from my homeland, allowing me to widen my cultural, and professional, awareness. My experiences have guided me in my choice of career path. I realised, after much experience in the sector, that what I really needed to be able to take my work passion forward, was to move forward. Lets say “dynamic” may as well be my second name…

After having my two children and with that, little free time, I put 2 and 2 together to create something new.
I took a cocktail shaker and threw in my passion, family, time, professionalism, and my desire to travel and I created ME.ME COCKTAILS, a mobile bartending service for those who love to listen, explore and enjoy with taste.


    knowledge of raw material

    making cocktail balancing parfume, color and taste

    perfect combination of the main bartending thecnics